Roger Harding: Professional Speaker and Entrepreneur

Roger HardingRoger the Speaker’s Presentations, Conference Keynotes, After-Dinner & Seminar Speeches:

Professional Speaker & Entrepreneur, Roger Harding shares his knowledge, inspiration, motivation and humour in his conference keynote speeches and after-dinner talks derived from varied experiences as a soldier, traveller, explorer, adventurer, property guru, businessman and, after twenty-eight years as a Financial Management Consultant, Roger probably knows a bit about other people’s money!

These talks provoke, energise, enthuse and entertain his audiences – inspiring them to feel exuberant in their own lives, their work, and strategies – ultimately departing the hall or theatre feeling thoroughly enraptured with their firm or organisation.

Roger the Speaker’s lectures:  

  • Transforming Teenage Behaviours
  • Personal Financial Management for Students
  • Preparing for Independence for Sixth Formers
  • Active Entrepreneurship for Students
  • Smoking – It’s Your Choice. [A less aggressive version of this talk is available for prep schools].

An interesting man by any standards, Roger’s schools and college presentation style is unlike conventional lecturing. Designed to be involving, thoroughly interactive and demanding spontaneity of his audience, his talks are certainly challenging. They are enthusiastic, educational, and entertaining. They’re designed to influence and they SUCCEED in changing teenagers’ behaviour.