It’s All Go at a Photoshoot

Sometimes Life dishes up lemonade and last week was one of those fizzy lemonade weeks. Now I know what it must be like to be Kate Moss.


What happened to me was something quite out of the ordinary – I do love variety in my life. I was the model in a photoshoot – 2.5 hours of a photoshoot. Not the David Bailey kind of Jean Shrimpton shoot you understand.


Before Christmas a friend and I decided we would use up our Air Miles and travel to Istanbul for the Christmas week. The proviso was we had to go somewhere that neither of us had been to before. Istanbul won the day.


I booked the trip over the phone with two English ladies and was delighted by the service I received.


I was asked by Air Miles (shortly to become Avios) if I would like to fill in a customer satisfaction survey regarding the service I received. I said I should be delighted to do that – it took minutes and my review was glowing.


Some weeks later I received a call from John, thanking me for my survey and would I be at all interested in contributing to an article which will be featured in the Daily Telegraph in February. I said yes I would do that. Little did I realise that this was quite an ordeal.


A call came through from the Daily Telegraph journalist Julia Newcomb who interviewed me about my holiday experiences generally and my trip to Istanbul. Julia told me she would be connecting me with the Commercial Picture Editor of the Telegraph Alice Hammond to arrange my photo shoot.


Everything was dutifully arranged perfectly.


A car came to collect me and drive me to the venue where I was greeted by Oonagh Connor – a gorgeous and lovely young lady make up artist and stylist who arrived with the most enormous box of magic tricks, make up and an assortment of all sorts in her suitcase. I felt like Miss Fabulous I have to say, make up being applied, hair being styled and changed this way and that for the photographer. I could do with Oonagh on a daily basis.


Then the photographer arrived, what a lovely and talented guy Joe Plimmer is – check out Joe’s website. He had me moving around sitting at this chair, moving the left arm, moving the right, whilst he was checking out the light and moving furniture. I could really identify with a fashion model at last and I have decided that it would not have been for me.


I had a brilliant morning with Oonagh and Joe, chatting to them about their various jobs and life. I think they both have great jobs which offer lots of variety and they get to meet lots of interesting people.


OOOO – What an exciting life! And for those of you who are interested, here is a link to the article.

Photograph with kind permission of Joe Plimmer and The Daily Telegraph




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