Ian Hawkins: Business Lessons from Stand Up Comedy

Ian HawkinsIan Hawkins worked as a TV and radio comedy script writer (11 o’clock Show, Loose Ends, The News Quiz) for twelve years before becoming a stand up comedian. He has performed sellout shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, toured the length and breadth of the UK, and accompanied Rob Brydon in a duet. As an account manager in a leading speaker and comedy agency, he closed two of the top five deals in the history of the company, brokered agreements with the likes of Gorbachev and gave bad news to HM The Queen.

Once described as ‘an entrepreneur in denial,’ Ian has been a teacher, banker, call centre telephonist, newsagent, bar tender, washer-upper, speaking coach, actor, radio DJ, pundit and clinical guinea pig. With this hinterland (‘the only place I haven’t worked is under water’), Ian has carved a career for himself in stand-up using the business lessons he has learned en route…and finding how well they work in a crowded market, where you’re only as good as your last gig, and there’s always someone cheaper willing to do the job.

Ian crafts bespoke presentations around the following topics:

  • Understanding why a strong brand is crucial for customer loyalty
  • Breaking counter-productive patterns of behaviour
  • Innovating to improve performance
  • Creating an entrepreneurial attitude
  • Learning from mistakes and emerging stronger
  • Effective public speaking and presentation
  • Attracting, retaining and deepening customer relationships
  • Efficient communication of brand, strategy and goals

Ian speaks in business-appropriate language to provide interactive, informative and entertaining sessions with take-away value and lessons that can be incorporated in the real world.