Bumping into The Apprentice

So there I was last week on my way to the Apple Store, waiting for the Clapham Omnibus for what seemed like an ice age on this cold December morn. I usually always have fascinating experiences either in the Apple Store or on the same day that I visit them. I am a frequent visitor there as you will see. I noticed a young lady also waiting at the bus stop and engaged her in conversation about the buses as we had both been there for some time at this point.



We got on the bus and sat down together. I didn’t recognise her at first, not until she told me her name, I should have spotted her because I must have seen almost every episode of The Apprentice since the show started airing. This young lady was Michelle Dewberry winner of the same in 2006.



What an impressive young woman she is! I asked her what she was up to now and she was on her way to her consultancy work at Comic Relief. She told me about her companies which I have since Googled The Daily Chic and Like Bees. The Daily Chic has all the latest buying deals in one place on one website. Like Bees is more for families offering discounted activities. What a serial entrepreneur! I am always so impressed with creative people who seem to have ideas that just ooze out of them 24/7.


Go Michelle!


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