My Ideal Desert Island Companion – David Attenborough

Today I feel inspired to talk about one of my super heroes, the one and only David Attenborough. What triggered this is that he was this morning’s guest on Radio 4′s Desert Island Discs. The BBC chose well today for who better to mark the 70th anniversary of a classic British institution than another classic British institution? In my opinion, the description “very special” applies to him in every sense.   A few years ago I had the honour of attending a talk at the Royal Geographic Society where Mr Attenborough was the guest speaker. Due to the high demand, […] Read more »

All About Josef

I am always inspired by entrepreneurship and courage and today a fine example of both is my friend Josef Valentino. Josef is an artist and film maker in his early 20s, he is a man of many gifts, I admire his guts and his tenacity for he is not afraid of taking risks and asking for what he wants and at the same time, grabbing an exciting adventure in the process. A born creative entrepreneur.   Josef’s latest project #averagejoe – to win the Damian Hirst Spot Challenge has him on a flight to New York (as I write) at […] Read more »

The Art of Making Perfume

I had the most delightful and educational day on Saturday. I attended a masterclass. “An Introduction to Perfumery” workshop in South Kensington produced and hosted by Karen Gilbert, author and teacher – here is a link to Karen’s website. Karen is a highly experienced teacher and a most knowledgeable one on the subject of fragrance. She has been in the business of perfume for many years and really knows her stuff. There were 15 ladies gathered together to learn the art of making perfume. We were all beginners I believe. A pleasant surprise was that at least 50% of the ladies […] Read more »

This is No Ordinary Cobbler

I had a most educating morning one day last week.   A young friend of mine took me along to his father’s shoe shop in St James’. His father is no ordinary cobbler let me tell you. He is a Director of a very well known and established shoe retailer called Lobb. The people who work at Lobb make some of the finest footwear I have ever seen. Royal Warrants line the walls for all to see alongside letters of appreciation from some very well known names.   I was fascinated to see both shop and workshop, I was given […] Read more »

Bumping into The Apprentice

So there I was last week on my way to the Apple Store, waiting for the Clapham Omnibus for what seemed like an ice age on this cold December morn. I usually always have fascinating experiences either in the Apple Store or on the same day that I visit them. I am a frequent visitor there as you will see. I noticed a young lady also waiting at the bus stop and engaged her in conversation about the buses as we had both been there for some time at this point.     We got on the bus and sat […] Read more »