The One and Only Roger Federer

Today I am going to talk about one of my passions.  Those who know me well and those who don’t know me quite so well will already be aware that I am just a tad bonkers crazy about tennis.  Top of the tennis tree, is my very favourite tennis player of all time, the Number 1 World Class Maestro Roger Federer – “Baryshnikov in whites”.  Roger who not so long ago dominated the tennis arena for a decade.  To watch Roger play tennis is a gift, his grace and his balletic style is second to none.  He is a true gent both […] Read more »

In Praise of Steve Jobs and All Things Apple

I want to salute Steve Jobs today – I want to sing his praises. It is my belief that Steve Jobs was an exceptional person, not an easy person we are told.     When my PC died loudly and agonisingly some 4 years ago I sought the advice of my geeky chums on what to buy next. One person whose opinion I value told me in no uncertain terms that I should not consider anything other than Apple (of which I had zero experience – in fact those Macs slightly freaked me out; I thought they were only for […] Read more »

Twitter, Twittamentary, The Hudson River and The Dominos Pizza Effect

Yesterday evening I went deep into the heart of the City of London with the purpose of finding out a bit more about Twitter and watch the screening of a short documentary called Twittamentary made by Tan Siok Siok and hosted by Media 140 .  The film is all about Twitter and Twitter users, the serendipitous meetings and connectivity that occurs there, stories which demonstrate the sheer global power and impact that just one little Tweet can cause and how this Twitter community can help others less fortunate.   I was astounded and moved by this film.  A great initiative.   I have been using Twitter […] Read more »

It’s Never Too Late to Be Who You Might Have Been

This quote by George Elliot (what a woman!) came to me this morning on the bus. I was thinking that any time to do something is the right time to do it – regardless of age.   At 6am last Thursday morning that quote set the theme for my day. I toddled along at 6.00am as I religiously do almost every Thursday morning throughout the year to Early Bird Speakers, my London Toastmaster club (part of Toastmasters International). On my journey, I was thinking how incredible it is that I am now in my third year of this splendid and […] Read more »

5 Things You Probably Did Not Know About Bianca

1) I have slept in Max Bygraves bed. Not a lot of people know that! Max Bygraves probably doesn’t know about this either as he wasn’t there. When I was very young I worked and lived in Nassau, Bahamas for about 6 months helping to sell real estate to the German visitors. I spent an evening with Anthony Bygraves, son of Max and we ended up at the end of the evening at his parents apartment. It got so late I ended up sleeping in his parents bed – on my own I hasten to add.   2) Always a […] Read more »

It’s All Go at a Photoshoot

Sometimes Life dishes up lemonade and last week was one of those fizzy lemonade weeks. Now I know what it must be like to be Kate Moss.   What happened to me was something quite out of the ordinary – I do love variety in my life. I was the model in a photoshoot – 2.5 hours of a photoshoot. Not the David Bailey kind of Jean Shrimpton shoot you understand.   Before Christmas a friend and I decided we would use up our Air Miles and travel to Istanbul for the Christmas week. The proviso was we had to […] Read more »