5 Things You Probably Did Not Know About Bianca

1) I have slept in Max Bygraves bed. Not a lot of people know that! Max Bygraves probably doesn’t know about this either as he wasn’t there. When I was very young I worked and lived in Nassau, Bahamas for about 6 months helping to sell real estate to the German visitors. I spent an evening with Anthony Bygraves, son of Max and we ended up at the end of the evening at his parents apartment. It got so late I ended up sleeping in his parents bed – on my own I hasten to add.


2) Always a very resourceful person, at age 10 my mother asked me to take my (newly arrived in the UK) grandfather out for a walk along with my younger sister and baby brother who was in the pram. I didn’t want to go and kicked up a fuss. So resentful and fed up was I that after about 30 minutes into this walk, I pretended to my grandfather that we were completely lost, but not to worry I had a master plan. I went to a phone box, I dialled 999, told the policeman that I was lost along with my grandfather (who could not speak a word of English) and my baby brother and young sister. We would be needing help to get home and could they please send a police car to take us home soon. This they did immediately. We arrived home in a police car much to my mother’s shock and surprise and to my utter delight. I am still very proud of myself at age 10 for having even thought of this clever tactic.


3) When my sister was born my mother sent me to Austria to my aunt for a few months and I went to a kindergarten with my two cousins which was run by nuns. Apparently it was not long before I picked up the German language and it was not long after that before they stuck a plaster over my mouth to shut me up. I’m still not sure why everyone I know finds this little story incredibly funny when I think it is the cruellest thing ever to do to a toddler. Albeit a talkative one. I’m still in therapy for this (NOT).


4) I have been a cover girl! Yes, I can honestly say that my photograph has been on the cover of a magazine when I was about 25. We had a photographer come into the nursery school where I worked as a Montessori teacher, she took some random shots of us all, the staff and children. A magazine happened to like the one she took of me with my young charge and so 4 year old Annabelle and I ended up on the front cover of “Primary Topics”. At the time of publication I could not stop singing that song by Humble Pie “Natural Born Bugie”. There’s a line in it somewhere “There she is again stepping out of her limousine, well looking like the cover of a twenty-dollar magazine”. Only thing is I wasn’t on the cover of a twenty Dollar magazine and I wasn’t stepping out of no limo either !


5) I have danced with George Michael. Oh yes I have. It must be about 25 years ago and he and I were at the same party. He had a lot of very curly hair in those days and was in Wham. I didn’t know who he was and that is the truth of it. He was very friendly and a very good dancer – no surprises.



Photo courtesy of www.georgemichael.com

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