About The Tait Agency

The Tait Agency effects business introductions for the sheer joy and satisfaction that brings – and for profit.

If you are in business, you are probably looking for someone or something. And I can help. My name is Bianca Tait and I am a professional networker and connector. My gift is knowing the right person or resource for everyone and everything and hooking them up with each other.

My personal interest lies in speakers but it doesn’t stop there. I am fascinated by entrepreneurs and creative people and I love to connect them with each other.

What are you looking for and how can I help you find it?

Do you need more clients, more business, better introductions, a speaker for an event, investors for your business opportunities, a  business coach, a PA, a member of staff?

Talk to me. I can help. I can effect an introduction to a whole range of interesting people, one of whom will be the right fit for you and your business.

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